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Leap n.collective of Leopards

Leap n.collective of Leopards
27th June 2014 Kicheche Camps

Leopards raise the pulse unlike any other animal, but the conservancy populations are getting ridiculous. Time to put this week’s spots in print.


Bush Camp’s favourite daughters’s daughter Saba is perhaps now the air apparent (sorry). Sara Livesey’s wonderful image shows the cat returning from Double Crossing. Kiki, on his sixth Kicheche safari in 18 months would differ saying ‘ Fig’ is now the one. Even Pink Nose, the old swordsman, has libidinous competition from the rakish Khali, a new hood in town.

Meanwhile, Mara Camp has been undergoing a crèche course with two mums and cubs. Click  for crèche cam actually in camp.

At Kicheche Valley, when Venetia (we stopped counting her safari’s with us when she approached triple figures) is not seeing ‘Jaitan’ (Maa for ‘the garrulous one) on a walk, guests are encountering another male taking Suarez-sized chunks out of a recently despatched wildebeest. Click here for the dappled gallery.

Fig stalking leopard

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