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Kicheche Christmas Epistle

Kicheche Christmas Epistle
22nd December 2017 Kicheche Camps

For the last year, early each morning a Kicheche driver starts his ignition carefully and slips the Toyota effortlessly into gear. Each morning he finds and follows a star, seeking that gold that his safari-goers crave, almost every morning he dangles a burnished carat in front of them.

Each day they and their fellow staff in the bush H.Q’s try to maintain standards of perfection and sensitivity, hallmarks of any Kicheche camp, and each day  they come pretty close to be frank, incensed sometimes by any tales of yobbishness from the plains.

No-one game drive is the same, just as no dinner table is either, myrrcurial if you like.

Our camps matter to many, here is some superb new footage with more promised. (Splendid job Ollie Pemberton, thank you)

The local communities matter also and, just like Fig, are not just For Christmas.

Spot will return, spottier than ever in the New Year.

A very Happy Christmas to all Kichechians.