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Kenya Gold

Kenya Gold
14th August 2012 Kicheche Camps

The joy is un-alloyed as a Kenyan sprinter covers a scorching 800 metres in an astonishing personal best, before downing a male gazelle. This may be the last games  issue but these lines still have plenty of room for some closing gags:

Laikipia: The high altitude training clearly is having an effect as Kicheche veteran client Anna and her group watched in astonishment as the three cheetah boys dragged down a zebra, pinning it to the parched earth before submission.

Across the Mara most of the track and field competitors are in absurd good health:

Mara Camp : more cheetahs than you could poke a baton at, baby lion cubs playing tag relay without disqualification and leopards grabbing yet more podium love.

Bush Camp : Leopards (plural) on the single bar and lions in abundance. There are more wildebeest in the conservancy than in the Stratford stadium.

Valley Camp: A dead giraffe, feasting lions, scavenging jackals and all sent packing by elephants ……. right in front of camp.

A memorable two weeks, lavish and inspirational, can Rio match this or will we have to settle for a trimmed down Brazilian …. version.  There’s a four year wait for that, meanwhile angry, swollen bruised clouds have brought two days of showers beckoning to the millions of long distant thoroughbreds that the Mara is now ready for their entrance, dour dressage is about to become a sizzling steeplechase. Let the Plains Commence.

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