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It’s the season

It’s the season
9th April 2014 Kicheche Camps

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As managers, staff and guides pack their weary limbs away they take the camp keys with them. Kicheche is fasting for eight weeks of closed season. Spot felt it imperative to finish with an optimistic and pertinent story: a tale of hope and resurrection, a fable we have sat on for a while.

In early December a very badly injured lioness gave birth to three cubs. They were spotted just hours old view here .

After a few days they vanished; all of them. The mother could not walk and obvious conclusions were drawn. Three weeks later, limping badly, mum was seen, but no signs of lactation, or cubs. Even the eternally optimistic Kicheche apostles, Patrick and James had written them off.
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After forty days and forty nights, three Kicheche vehicles, out early, saw that the light was good and spotted mother coming out from the wilderness …… with three cubs.

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She then introduced her gifts to the rest of the pride. A miracle and not one to passover …….. Happy Easter.

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