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In a tight spot

In a tight spot
8th February 2013 Kicheche Camps

Sampu the saltlick mother with daughter and son

One saltlick, three leopards, one guide very handy with his camera, two jackals and a troop of baboons; use whatever order you like from this litany then realise that it is just a few minutes from Valley Camp and you have a pretty decent morning.

Not far away a monumental scrap was taking place albeit at a slower pace, but a drama that would make hares stand on end as two male tortoises (leopard ones naturally) came out of their shells to scrap over a watching female. Ever heard a male tortoise bellowing with rage? Nor had Mika. These adversaries fought long and hard displaying more energy than the Superdome floodlights.

Leopard tortoise battle for the female

The late return to camp was sullied by several still-excited safari-goers treading in some recent buffalo deposits as they stepped from their vehicle – the second time in a week a Richard the Third had been found in a car park.

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