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Horn of plenty?

Horn of plenty?
20th September 2013 Kicheche Camps

White Rhino

Spot of the week has hopefully provided distraction and joy for almost fourteen years, sometimes however it HAS to hit a stronger note. Sunday is World Rhino day, recently, a Kicheche Laikipia guest of over twenty visits captured some fantastic images of these desperately endangered ruminants.

Rhino poaching is at a level not seen since the 70’s. Please have no romantic notions of poachers being loin-clothed with bows and arrows. Today’s poacher is highly sophisticated, with the very best in gadgets, military surveillance technology and firepower. The horn (actually the same substance as our finger or toenails) currently has a higher carat value than gold as it fuels a rampant ‘traditional’ market in China, where it is used, among other things, to ludicrously liven limp libidos.

A rhino seen in the wild, especially in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy stronghold is not yet a complete rarity but the last few year’s harvests have been savage ones so when one finds one down the long barrel of an extended lens the temptation is to depress the shutter immediately and shoot on sight. This policy should be the same for poachers, all poachers.

World Rhino Day this Sunday click here

But a rhino is not just for Sunday.



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