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Homeward bound

Homeward bound
23rd June 2015 Kicheche Camps
Homeward Bound Kicheche Migration

Sunday 10:45

At 06.50 atop a hill a few miles from the border, the mesmerising hum of half a million wildebeest carried clearly across the flowering oat grass. Tired of their tawdry Tanzanian diet they approached the swollen Sand River. Their droning mantra rose several scales as they planted their charcoal forelegs into the ochre torrent. This was the critical first day, the day the pumping aorta of ruminants disgorged several arteries of grazers. Fret not, there are hundreds of thousands more.

This is perhaps nature’s most definitive sight, different every year and trying to predict their entry points becomes an intoxicating sport.

Game of Thrones on Netflix or Game of drones in the Mara …. Where are you?

First migration crossing

Sunday 10:55

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