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Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows
29th September 2017 Kicheche Camps

Scenes like this are harrowing and desperately upsetting. That’s just for the viewers, imagine the pain of this reticulated giraffe mother, her calf killed by lions and she feeling like Custer at Little Big Horn yet she still battles to ensure the carcass is not defiled.

These are extraordinary scenes even for a guest who is approaching a half century of safaris. Kicheche Laikipia is her favourite of the hundreds of camps she has visited and moments like this amplify her love for these high altitude plains.

But there must have been something in the rarefied air last week as the lions were even terrorizing  elephants. view video here

Christine has set the bar high, but this is her back yard, yet scenes like the giraffe loss are sobering and the brutality of nature nags at ones mind for years.

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