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High 5-0

High 5-0
21st November 2012 Kicheche Camps

‘Unique experience’, ‘cuisine to die for’, ‘calming wellness centre’ and ‘sumptuous spa facilities’ are some of the dreadful bankrupt phrases littered across mainstream Kenyan safari literature that Kicheche co-owner Paul Goldstein particularly loathes. But his bête noir, the one he saves the most bile for, is the hideously ghoulish and presumptuously patronising ‘The Big Five’. ‘If I ever see this gruesome butcher’s phrase I immediately switch off, it is wrong on so many levels.’ He says.


I’ve got news for him, today he cannot avoid it as he passes the big 5-0 himself. I won’t be saying it to his face though. Happy birthday old man, here’s five of his favourites from this past year, Telegraph pictures of the day Scarface and Black Mane liked one of them too this week …view here

Greg Monson – Kicheche Co-Owner

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