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Herding Cats

Herding Cats
27th January 2018 Kicheche Camps

Even the humblest student of felines will have clicked the series link on the remarkable BBC’s Big Cats these past few weeks. Even the third episode was enthralling and fascination (much against my predictions). Big budgets of taxpayer’s money is rarely put to such good use.

Kicheche Bush camp resident leopard and latest cub
Kicheche Bush camp, Serval with kill

Not wishing to be completely outshone by this well-funded masterpiece, the Kicheche clans have compiled their own big (and small) cats these past few weeks. Sink your claws into lions, cheetahs, wild cats, caracals, servals and of course leopards. All seen in priceless Conservancies, none corralled or terrorised by unwanted attention and all very well turned out.

Kicheche Mara camp resident leopard Nelangu and cub
Kicheche Mara camp Male lion and cub Acacia pride
Kicheche Mara camp Wild Cat

Record the terrestrial show by all means but coming to connect with your Conservancy chums is close to being extra-terrestrial and will have you grinning like a Cheshire Cat for weeks.

Lion Eland grab, Kicheche Valley
Kicheche Laikipia, new born lion cubs carried by mother
New born lion cub yawns Kicheche Laikipia
Male lion, father of new cubs at Kicheche Laikipia