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Silver service

Never mind your Swarovskis, Leica’s and Zeiss, Kicheche guides eyes are far superior to any precision optics to spot elusive game. When you are straining through viewfinders and eyepieces our guides have frequently located the quarry barely in the same postal district. This is not just about 20/20 vision; it is a deep understanding and sympathy with their four legged neighbours plus the patience of Job. Year after year repeat visitors request their favourite guides, this favouritism in underwritten by this extraordinary sixth sense that transforms most of us into myopic laymen.

Perception, humour, knowledge, charm and sensitivity grade our guides well above the norm. Almost all have silver qualification, some are even sitting gold. These qualifications are not just dealt out to anyone with a vehicle and a shuka, they are earned the hard way and cherished, each one of them, be it Charles, George, Francis, James, Joseph, Patrick, Mika, Andrew et al delight in their silverware.