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10th December 2014 Kicheche Camps


Venetia doesn’t know too much about the Mara with just the twenty (20) Kicheche safaris over the last nine years; why on earth would she choose months like June, March orNovember to travel. What would remotely attract her about a Conservancy still crammed with migratory animals that don’t know when to leave the party and outnumbering visitors almost 100,000 to one.

Watching a leopard scratching a small piece of pork out of the bush does surely not represent much value. Top photo Venetia (you are an institution in the Mara as well asLaikipia), every time you say it’s your last safari, well we just don’t believe you anymore.

Dec14 002-2

Debbie and Charlotte only the sixteen (16) Kicheche safaris between them, are the same, aware that they were supremely misled about this ‘low’ season month. Lions dragging down buffalo and warthogs, cheetahs taking hares then incredibly ‘granted’ a male gazelle kill. Debs has perhaps taken the best Kicheche photo of the year, but still realises the error of her ways.

Govember, don’t go telling anyone.


‘As we land at the airstrip, we know we’re back at our second home and will be catching up with old friends, both human and animal!’   Charlotte Rhodes UK & Debbie Bush NZ November 2014
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