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Good Friday

Good Friday
5th April 2013 Kicheche Camps
Kicheche camps good friday spot


It is only fitting that the Spot’s season finale is nothing short of biblical; in every sense. At Easter the lord gaveth plenty and the only thing he took away were vehicles. From a momentous week, Good Friday was simply astonishing.

March is rainy, March is wet, why bother coming in March? Ask the believers, the Acacia girls and boys who took advantage of the March offer.  Scorching lunch time temperatures  set off afternoon storms leavening the grasslands. This potent pollinating and has proven a seductive and tantalizing mistress for the Loita migration who have revelled in these pasteurised pastures.  So have the predators……..

Early Friday morning a blissful sunny two hours were spent with Olive and her daughter, ‘Friday’s child is loving and giving’ could have been written about this beautiful 14 month old girl as she honed her not inconsiderable climbing skills for two hours before abandoning an impala breakfast and ambling past the portside guns of just two vehicles. Kicheche ones. The Ntiakitiak is barely a stream, but this trickle is now a torrent and despite this  the Olare North Bank rid itself of many turbulent beests  into these roiling and raging rapids. The newborn fawns lack swimming proficiency badges and most perished. Those that crossed then ran straight into the Ngoyonai pride who did not let the shock of a March crossing put them off their buffet. Only the fittest or those with legs of a Northumberland lamb survived.


We warned you about Acacia, this captivating conservancy cat rarely short changes. Moments after the crossing she was seen with a kill (a wildebeest naturally) and a 11 week old cub.  With her pantry only missing a few loaves and fishes, this mother of one gave morning calls, matinees and soirees for three days. One Canadian family was about to sit down to a farewell meal but they got the call and lunch was postponed. Good job too, half an hour of a cavorting cub with mum was a send-off even the kitchen could not surpass. ‘This place is one of those places you only encounter once or twice in your lives’ was his send off.

Acacia leopard mum with 3 month old cub


As he flew home, late rains drummed ferociously across the Mara turning the skies’ five ‘o’ clock shadow  50 shades and more and as evening approached this searing canvas could have been lifted straight from Turner’s palette.

Let’s recap: one morning, four leopards, one crossing, two vehicles …. March, it’s the new September….see you in June.

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