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Four Lions

Four Lions
28th July 2017 Kicheche Camps
Four Males lions Kicheche Valley Mara Naboisho Conservancy Masai Mara

A film by the same name was released about seven years ago by the staggeringly talented Chris Morris. This ‘comedy’ was both admirably offensive and fiendishly clever as well as being very, very funny. Essentially the maverick Morris just could not care who he upsets with his four lions.

The connection is patently obvious. These four black-maned A-listers  paraded through their Naboisho Conservancy kingdom with an insolent swagger last week. They were on patrol and nothing was going to phase them as they terrorised the neighbourhood.

The fathomless gaze of a lion’s pitiless eyes is something no-one forgets, to have eight piercing your soul is enough to make anyone quail, yet Howard Fearn somehow managed to get all four in one frame. Top work.

Marvellous work too from Mika as ever, and he tells us it appears these four ‘horsemen’ are looking to stay a while.

Four Lions: compelling viewing.

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