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Fighting like cats and dogs

Fighting like cats and dogs
7th August 2013 Kicheche Camps

Wilddog & Cheetah battle

Andrew Obaga,  Kicheche Laikipia head guide, is sometimes referred to, only half-jokingly as Mr President, as his skills and leadership are almost without parallel. Last week he was only five hundred metres from headquarters when he found ten of his painted constituents. Thinking they may be floating voters, three male cheetahs fancied their chances at moving them on from their ward. Big error, this was never a marginal seat and did not need a Newsnight swingometer to say which way this would go.

The three felines were given an unceremonious kicking before retreating to solicit elsewhere. Nice work Andrew, you get my vote this week, a vote that may mean very little, much like millions of Zimbabwean ones. Although, if Mr Mugabe is actually getting the dead to rise from their graves to vote he must be pretty special.

Three cats, ten dogs ….. you know what’s coming … one vehicle.

!cid_5B0961B2-537D-46F0-8F7C-899FE5897455-3 then whilst we are in the voting mood, Kicheche Laikipia is delighted to have been nominated  for the Safari Awards 2014. The Kicheche team would really appreciate your vote by clicking on the link here.

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