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Doing bird

Doing bird
23rd November 2012 Kicheche Camps

The morning is clear whilst all night it poured

The familiar 5am alarm call of guttural roars

The varied tracks on the path are lit by hurricane lamps

Last night it was not just lions wandering through camp

A cheetah is touched by an early russet sunbeam

Shrouded in mist, is this a Kicheche dream ?

She explodes into life, judging every dip, slip and camber

Her tail a spotted rudder, her eyes blazing amber

Her paw fuses with prey, deep in the grass

A meal for her family that might even last

The cub’s muzzles are crimson, at their breakfast they tear

And three November guests finally come up for air.

Lunch is a treat, the chef has waved his wand

Remembering the three are from far across the pond

So festive fowl and trimmings, brussels with no EU and red sauce

They can still barely speak, the morning has left them hoarse

So Happy Thanksgiving to Martha, Peter and Curly

We don’t mind that you eat turkey a whole month early

What a carry on ! more moving images from Kicheche’s Paul Goldstein featured in the Mail this week….read more

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