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December Epistle

December Epistle
28th December 2012 Kicheche Camps

And it came to pass in the month of December that the Reserve was empty of vehicles. Those in the conservancies knew better and there was much rejoicing as the prodigal animals returned to their coveted homes. A surfeit of leopards, a crèche of cheetahs, a plague of dogs in Laikipia all assiduously viewed by festive ‘low’ season believers. Zebras performed conceptions as immaculate as you could wish for all over the grasslands, storms ripped through the whistling thorn providing almost forty days and nights of rich, fecund pastures. Last week there was even a hail shower leaving the plains deep and crisp and even.

Times will change now; pilgrims will arrive for their Kicheche incarceration, keen for their Christmas bird. We welcome one and all, knowing that though they leave empty handed in the early morning, they will return from each adoration bearing gifts.  This is a time we all pay thanks to Andy, Sonja, Darren, Emma, Brendan & Val and Cat and Charles who will diligently watch their festive flocks throughout this season of goodwill. For some, Christmas is a fancy urban gastronomic affair…. ‘Bolly in the Ivy’, for Kicheche it is business as usual, biblical drives followed by biblical banquets, not just for bipeds either as the weather has ensured a healthy larder across all four camps ensuring few silent nights.

Twelve is a number automatically associated with this time of year, here are twelve moments from the last three weeks proving that often the quieter times can turn the wildlife agnostic evangelical…Kicheche .. not just for Christmas…….more