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December Epistle

December Epistle
28th December 2013 Kicheche Camps

Main Xmas shot-2

And it came to pass in the month of December that fierce storms rippled across the plains. Within days babies were dropping all over the plains, these fragile fawns tottering around like England’s febrile and frankly farcical batting order. The previous dusty grasslands now resemble generously-watered home-counties lawns and the brooding predator libidos and natal capacities went into a Biblical overdrive.

It being early December few people were here to witness these miracles but the prospects for the rest of the year are portentous. Pups, cubs and in fact most of Noah’s Rift Valley faunal lot are in good order ready to brandish and boast throughout the year.  Kicheche  .. not just for Christmas.


These last few weeks have delivered a surfeit of highlights but as twelve is a festive number here are our dozen days of Christmas:….more

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