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Dawn till Tusk

Dawn till Tusk
24th October 2013 Kicheche Camps

Elephant calf suckles

However much people throw the ‘making your own luck’ platitude around; you still need a decent bit of time to give yourself a sniff of the wildlife grail.

Bill and Barbara don’t mind putting in a few long yards.The dog pound in Laikipia had already paid them good dividends before they arrived in the Mara, on their second visit in the last few months. From Australia.

Within a few days they had seen nature at her most brutal: compelling yet desperate moments played out in the untamed Olare Conservancy pastures. Then gold. Herds of elephants attracted by some recent rain were close to camp. Keeping a respectful distance; the Aussie couple then watched a birth followed by the whole post natal protocols of suckling, placenta eating, general pampering and the wetting of the baby’s head….. more….

Elephant eats placenta


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