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10th August 2018 Kicheche Camps

The charcoal stallion stands aloof: preening like Poldark, simpering like Kohli and pouting like Mourinho. He postures perpendicular to the un-ending snorting artery behind him and will venture into the turbulent waters, but only  in his time and the thousands banked up behind will do as he bequests. Soon a small capillary though will turn into a full-blown haemorrhage.

Should everybody see one at least once … yes. You often require the patience of Job as these ruminants get no gratification from crossing and will sometimes take all day, but whether you believe in bucket lists or checkout lists it is one of the most exciting and sensational sights in nature. This year it is late, the first few are only plunging in now, running the gauntlet of the rapacious crocs and the tawny and dappled assassins waiting covertly on terra firma.

Talking of which Olare Conservancy has eleven (11) cheetahs currently as well as the ubiquitious Fig … thank you Nolwenn for these images of a barely believable first three days at Bush Camp.