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Cross purposes

Cross purposes
1st September 2017 Kicheche Camps
Wildebeest migration crossings in Kicheche conservancies

It is a common and frankly absurd misconception to describe ruminants bisecting the Mara River as a ‘migration’. This is a dramatic, yet tiny part of this colossal movement of an equally colossal number of snorting grazers.

However, despite how hard people cross their fingers hoping to cross off this spectacle with animals firmly in their camera cross hairs, efforts are often misplaced. Zebra and wildebeest do not like crossing the river for a number of reasons and actually smaller movements of the herds can be far more rewarding and more reliable.


Migration crossings in Kicheche conservancies

All Conservancies are currently choked with animals and their paths have to cross numerous gullies and streams. Even if only two gallop over (double cross anyone?) it is STILL a crossing and likely to be viewed from much closer and with no other vehicles. It is worth letting this cross your mind when you set out on your game drive.

These images were taken just minutes from Valley and Bush Camp …. Cross my heart.

Wildebeest migration Kicheche camps

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