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Crèche course

Crèche course
28th June 2018 Kicheche Camps

Recently we carelessly let the seismic sighting of Fig mating slip out into the faunal ether. This garnered frankly frenzied excitement as people calculated gestations correlated with holiday leave. There was also some less joyous correspondence: ‘Is this not just a ploy to entice us to book again?’ How dare this Thomas of note infer such scandalous subterfuge. Do you honestly think we would perpetrate the despicable ruse of publishing that the greatest and most tolerant leopard we have ever known is going to have more cubs? That’s as preposterous as World champions Germany coming bottom of their group!  We will see this libellous cynic in court …. And here’s the footage in case there are any others lukewarm about this.

Oh and by the way a new cheetah has been found sashaying across the lush Centre Court-like (whoops, that’s next week) plains of Naboisho with several tiny spotted infants, I suppose we made this photo up too with some heinous Photoshop sorcery.

We hope we have answered this one cynic, the rest of us meanwhile are having kittens about it.

Even Laikipia has been getting in on the act with some black rhino hornication.