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Christmas Pack Ageing

Christmas Pack Ageing
13th December 2014 Kicheche Camps

The pack is back, basking in the afternoon before languishing in the rain, then switching to autopilot (dogmatic perhaps?) to harass a monstrous warthog.

dog spot PG (1)

For a few weeks Andrew and Peter had toiled all day and caught very little except lions, rhino by the dozen (where else can you say that?) and other high altitude disciples.

dog spot PG (2)

But this pack of nineteen raises the pulse like few others and Onesmus and the other two wise men wear their dog’s collars with pride.‘The same ones that denned next to the camp in the August and September, as they did last year, this is becoming a mature group’ Andrew declared, adding more soberly – despite today’s title: ‘ they really are not just for Christmas.’


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