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Cheats prosper

Cheats prosper
16th August 2013 Kicheche Camps


Parental guidance for cheetahs is a trinity of concern, succour and protection. When a mum vanishes abandoning three callow felines they need to grow up quick. Amani’s (mark 2) three have only just reached the age of consent but have now accelerated right up to the highest table, their maternal meal ticket a distant memory.

Experts often tell of new ‘adults’ surviving off a few fawns for ages; these two boys and a girl are only 18 months, but are enjoying industrial sized chunks from the all you can eat migration menu. In the four days since separation they have killed four Thommies, three piglets, two wildebeest and one scrub hare. They hunt twice a day, the two males leading.

Despite the fear of adolescent obesity, their ferocious metabolism ensures they remain fat boy thins. These three musketeers are destroying anything ever written about young cheetahs and what is more their voracious appetites show little sign of abating. To recap: four days, ten meals, they could almost be on a cruise ship.


Talking of Parental guidance this extraordinary link should only be viewed after the watershed.