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Cats of nine tails

Cats of nine tails
16th September 2013 Kicheche Camps

Male leopard

Nothing engenders greater bragging rights than a leopard. If you have seen one, someone else has invariably seen it earlier, closer and for longer. If you have seen two, they have seen three. If you have seen one feeding, they have seen it hunting, if yours was up a tree, theirs was higher. People just love to boast of their spotted conquests and conversions and become experts after just a few moments with this enigmatic predator. Whenever someone mentions one there is almost always a braying chorus of itinerant faunal one-upmanship.

However, try this for size from Valley Camp last week. Just as lunch was ending and guest Bradley walked back to his tent, he was waylaid for a few moments by the resident male crossing the path, right in front of him then gazing curiously at him. Don’t believe the myopic and tiresome guidebooks that tell you of purely nocturnal proclivities. These cats mix it in the day, but at 14.30? In camp ….? Now those are bragging rights, wonder if this would have happened in a fenced camp.
Nalepo weaning her cubs-2

And by the way it seems Valley is annexing spotted geneology this week as Naleppo has taken up residence in their Conservancy, yes that’s the cheetah this time, her with four tiny cubs, something in the air in the Valley it seems.

Kicheche Valley, Mara Naboisho

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