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By George

By George
14th October 2016 Kicheche Camps
Cheetah drags kill for her cubs

The most acclaimed and venerable African writer claimed Kicheche Mara Camp was the finest in Africa. This is praise indeed but there is no point having the painting completed if you have no-one to look after the canvas.


Ladies and gentlemen and voracious spotters, I give you George Nampaso. This is a diligent custodian of Mara North, a silver-badged (inevitably) maestro that seems to have that precious Maasai DNA of coaxing the predators from their often elusive lairs. Not only does he satisfy his growing army of safari-fans he is also very adept at recording high carat Kicheche moments on his own camera.


George we look forward to your album being augmented over the coming months, but for now we salute you.


 ‘George has a great eye for the perfect photograph and not only drew our attention to scenes that we might not have seen but also helped take photos as well’

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