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Bush Telegraph Jan 2013

Bush Telegraph Jan 2013
18th January 2013 Kicheche Camps

Which one do you fancy?


The middle weeks of January are said to be the most depressing of the year, with good reason. Perhaps a combination of the BBC’s Africa series and this newsletter will banish these blues. Kicheche has always been a community, a community of staff and guests so a big thank you to both parties who contributed to this.

The rains have leavened the plains and escarpments of both the Mara and Laikipia, the vehicles have dwindled a little since Christmas, the guides are tightening the axle bolts and shocks for another game drive, just one thing missing …. you.

Oh just in case you think this is some smug corporate message and we can’t be bothered to do ‘Spot’ for a week, here’s a gem for you:  we promised no leopards for a while but Acacia … yes, that one, the one we said was pregnant ( click) has had cubs, no-one has seen them but they have seen mum’s teats which indicate newborn.  No reason to be intoxicated by this: tiny leopard balls of fluff, in the Conservancy Close not Reserve estate; you’ll virtually have her to yourself … enough, this is huge, this is Neil Armstrong’s first steps or even Lance Armstrong’s first dubious steps to redemption… enjoy the Newsletter! …more.
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