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Buff’d up

Buff’d up
19th December 2014 Kicheche Camps
Buff'd Up

Buff’d Up

More buffalo’s are killed by lions than anything else and staggeringly, vica versa. They are mortal enemies. Lions do not arrive at a buffalo ambush by accident. These are strategic attacks almost always by large males, their weight critical to bringing these ferocious ruminants to their knees.

Anyone going to feel like this next Thursday?

Anyone going to feel like this next Thursday?

So imagine the surprise when yet again the Moniko sub-adults, keen to put something on the Christmas table, are seen over some ‘cold turkey’. The next morning the rest of the pride arrived in very un-festive mood, banishing the callow cats till all was left was the parson’s for them to squabble over.

The time for goodwill?

Lion buffalo kill - Kicheche Camps

‘Sent packing by the Royal Male’

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