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Brave Gnu World

Brave Gnu World
20th February 2017 Kicheche Camps
Lion hunts pregnant wilderbeest
Lion wilderbeest chase
Lion wilderbeest chasechase

Images like these are rarely arrived at by accident. Likewise it is seldom co-incidence that positions a vehicle right down the barrel of a spectacular chase. It is never lady luck fusing her fortuitous finger with the shutter release either.

When Charles Wandero slides his car down the fall line from a limping rotund ruminant, with a healthy lioness pursuing, you would put your shirt on the outcome.


However, just as predator reached out a foreleg to deliver the coup de grace, the wildebeest, in a moment of Soze-esque epiphany, sprints away, its limp forgotten.

Lion wilderbeest chase
Lion hunts wilderbeest

A good story, indeed ‘Spot’ needs a beginning, middle and end. This one has one: a little later the very same cow was spotted with a gangling new-born.


Wilderbeest gives birth after escaping lion hunt

Great shots Peter, great drama: great escape.


Wildebeest with new born calf
Wildebeest with new born calf

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