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Blowing hot and cold

Blowing hot and cold
25th January 2013 Kicheche Camps

Everyone is familiar with the current predictable tabloid headlines. Metres of snow barely make an impression on Scandinavian or German infrastructures, yet in the UK many shudder as they receive a few inches in their back gardens and airports go into Defcon. 4 meltdown.

In the Mara the reverse is true, the month of rain has stopped, the plains are a ridiculously saturated green, the gullies are drying up as are the vehicles. Not Kicheche ones: yesterday afternoon after chalking off an arboreal cheetah family (part of our heritage), three vehicles parked in the middle of a muscular lion drama.

These cats frequently tussle with buffalo but they moved up a weight division before losing on points to a belligerent elephant herd. Strangely some of the young cubs showed evidence of more grit than either this male or indeed the M25, constantly evading their adversaries. The marsh echoed with outraged trumpeting and the four males retreated, tails where they belonged……read more

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