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Birth Control

Birth Control
27th March 2015 Kicheche Camps


Leopard Gorge is one of the more fabled addresses in the Mara, a granite stronghold normally for cats in the heart of Mara North Conservancy. It is also free from prying minibuses, a beautiful granite corridor, often a baptism for first-time leopard lovers.

Not for Mara Camp guests Joanna and Caroline, who together with George witnessed a giraffe giving birth there. No pre or post-natal classes, that calf was on its feet in less than twenty minutes. This is rare, very rare and the photos of this mum and her precious glistening cargo are superb. view here

The last few weeks of ‘low season’ have seen Bush Camp almost full – cannot see why they bother to come again and again ….view here 

See you in a couple of months.

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