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27th August 2015 Kicheche Camps
24 August Lookout Mara River (2)

Look Out crossing, Mara River

You know it is going to happen but you can’t set your calendar by it. This year these ruminants have been mightily confused befitting of today’s title. Despite being the greatest show on earth, the phenomenon can be frustrating. Not on the 24th August it wasn’t. All day they thundered over the river to the South bank, the denouement being a dusty late matinee of probably at least fifty thousand.

Fear not, those who are worried about their upcoming safari’s, because just two days later they then crashed across the river at Main, Fumbi and Cul de Sac  back in to our manor from the Triangle. They will be doing this for a while yet and are likely to be here for a very long time.

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For those who dropped their travel plans to Kenya this year, scared off by the politically motivated advisories, the 24th gave about 100,000 reasons why they messed up.

PatrickJames and Charles with their 25,000 game drives had never seen a day like it, I re-iterate, they messed up: big time. Huge in fact.

24 August Lookout Mara River (9)

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