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Bargain Hunt

Bargain Hunt
5th December 2014 Kicheche Camps

Bush Camp’s Moniko Pride can be the laziest in the Mara. Last month they lay under the same tree for twenty days, occasionally taking down wildebeest during night-time sorties.


Last week Emma, yes that Emma, astonishingly found some of the sub-adults taking on an obstinance of buffalo. They cornered one in the river but it eluded them, calling up its charcoal colleagues to help.

IMG_0388-2 Quickly other pride members tore in faster than shopping mall chavs bagging a Black Friday flat screens, to bring the buffalo crashing to the ground.

It has been four years now, but finally Darren lets Emma out and look at the spoils she returns with, perhaps he should let her go on game drive more often?…..Emma’s Bargain hunt gallery here

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