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Ass of a lion

Ass of a lion
31st March 2017 Kicheche Camps

It is seldom, if ever, that one couple earns a Spot double bill. Some may say indulgent or selfish at best. We beg to differ. Steve and Judith have given a very good indication of their skills last week but had, like a parent keeping the best present back till Boxing day, they had been cynically withholding the real prize.

Lion attacks in day are rare, particularly when the quarry is a zebra stallion. What makes this so unusual though, is that it appears that this happened right under their noses. This sort of positioning by Nelson, just proves why, yet again, the best wildlife photographers return to Kicheche time and time again.

Big moment, big breakfast. Bush camp is becoming a second home for these two, as it may take a few more safaris to emulate this game drive.


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