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Air Style

Air Style
18th July 2014 Kicheche Camps

Lionessses sparringLions need food, cover, open plains, water, shade and a bit of peace and quiet. The Mara Conservancies give them that year round and the acacia pride from Mara North are probably the most active lions in East Africa, serenading Kicheche Mara Camp every night but also by no means slothful in the day.

Two adult females last week showed some decent airs and graces ten minutes from camp, but the air raising image below is more sinister as this yearling was escaping a particularly belligerent adult male who was mating with several of his concubines and stealing kills off the others. The youngsters left in a hurry, some of them struggling at the water jump … having bad air days.

There’s something about seeing animals try to fly that can’t.

leaping lioness

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