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Acacia Girls

Acacia Girls
1st August 2013 Kicheche Camps


Favouritism. It doesn’t matter how it’s dressed up, we all have our own favourite animals and most of them have spots. Over the years many of them were given names, wonderful Maasai names like : Zawadi, Nariku, or Nelangu and absurd ones like Honey, but whatever the title, they have fan clubs untouched in the wildlife world.

Sitting very close to the top of this heralded list is Acacia, Bush Camp’s favourite daughter. She is a tiny leopard but a very accommodating one. Her current dynasty is a female one, her adult daughter frequently returns to her patch to pilfer from her pantry. Her eight month old girl is also small like her mother. Finding them is one thing, photographing them well, quite another. To capture one like Colin’s here is fracking from a very rich seam, nice work, Colin, even better work girls.

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