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Aard Graft

Aard Graft
20th November 2015 Kicheche Camps

The chill has still not left the dawn and already you’ve been up ninety minutes. Some people call this a holiday, others a feat of endurance, whatever the title, neither would do it, if rewards were not reaped.

William McCall 2

A perennial Mara Camp group put through their photographic paces by Jonathan Scott reaped quite a harvest recently: an aardwolf is ridiculously rare and does not occur without some decent hard yards. Leopards (plural) the same although three was perhaps a touch greedy and also the perfect fox portrait at the end of the day when they were probably feeling pretty bateared. (Sorry)

William McCallLong hours, no short shrift or any quarter given by guides or photographers, top work William.

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