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Aard Core

Aard Core
14th March 2015 Kicheche Camps
Mating Aardwolf Kicheche Mara Camp


Sometimes, if rarely, the ‘Spot’ inbox is bare for a day or so. Not this week, we have some aard currency to keep the wolf from the door in Mara North: easily enough to give any wildlife fan an aard on.

To go out solely looking for mating wolves would be doing it the aard way. But Francis and Bob wavered when they saw what looked like distant amorous jackals. They were about to move off, as it aardly looked promising. In unison, they then cried ‘mating aardwolfs’ (I have never typed that).

Bob did a superb job recording this. Although, as they mated for an astonishing 52 minutes in perfect light well before the watershed, he had a bit of time to take a long aard look, before their very conscious uncoupling. Bob tells us the female had plenty of cuts and bruises on her neck, rather like a chinless BBC producer or executive after dinner with Clarkson (allegedly.)

Please open Spot next week, but this might be a aard act to follow.


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