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A hole lot of trouble

A hole lot of trouble
30th September 2016 Kicheche Camps

Sometimes adversaries meet in a battle you only see every couple of years. There are deep lined hostilities and huge antagonism underwritten by an age old mortal enmity. But enough of the Ryder Cup.


A remarkable battle tee’d off in Laikipia last week, spotted by Andrew’seagle eyes and you would have to travel a fair way to see the likes of this again. One cheetah approached, then pounced on a baby giraffe hooking its paws around its neck, the other chipping in, slicing into its windpipe. But just as its breath was draining the mother stormed in and rescued her charge from this rough treatment. Only a coalition of brothers would play around like this. Andrew’s performance earns him saint status for the week.


Game drive par excellence.

mara-magicFirst correct answer received by  of how many golfing references, gets a signed copy of Mara Magic.



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Absolute bliss…..and as everyone has mentioned, the food! This is by far the best food I have ever had on a vacation’

Laikipia fine dining


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