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David Nchoe

David Nchoe

“Kicheche is proud that 100% of their team of guides are of silver standard – when just 5% of the guides in Kenya can boast this accolade”

Lean, keen and often seen, David is making large areas of Mara North his own. He has the uncanny ability of not only finding often notoriously elusive game but also being in the right place when the action starts.

What you say: ‘Was David born with this eyesight, it is barely human’

David’s best wildlife moment to date

“My best wildlife experience was with a group of photographers close to camp when two lionesses chased a wildebeest right towards us, one lady took one of the best pictures I have ever seen


Eco-Training refresher course

Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association Silver Level

Koyiaki Guiding School / Tour Guide

First Aid Certificate

Computer Studies / Rekero Conservation Trust

Eco Training East Africa / Certificate