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Rain on the parade

Rain on the parade
29th October 2015 Kicheche Camps

spot 30 oct (3)

Misguided guidebooks constantly crap on about ‘the best time for wildlife is in the dry season when predators concentrate around water etc….blah’. This may be true in reserves which are cut off in the rains, but in the Mara, storms and rain are the fertile narcotic that leavens the whole ecosystem.

cheetah spray

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Suddenly animals that are regularly torpid from eight till five are active throughout the day. The scorching mid-afternoon mercury is more temperate and the skies defeat even the great master’s palette.

The wildebeest like it too, yesterday thousands charged across the Mara river back in to the Mara. Oh the sunsets are none too shabby either.

spot 30 oct (4)

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