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5 Alive

5 Alive
12th June 2014 Kicheche Camps

One of early season’s greatest joys is the mining of uncut precious stones, or re-establishing links with our favourite jewels … particularly cats.


Imagine the fanfare when the Valley Camp forensics team unearthed five tiny new cheetah cubs. Being in a cherished conservancy like Naboisho gives these precious balls of fluff a chance of a future, but like world cup minnows trying to progress through the group stages, it is always tough for them.

KMC nelangu-2

Comfortably through to the quarters is the Mara Camp leopard: Nelangu, with her now five month old charges. Astonishingly having left their granite pill box outside the managers tent in March they have been seen there again! They had made a long return journey last week, like Friday’s plucky forces veteran escaping his Sussex suburban incarceration, to be with his khaki mates on the Normandy beaches. (Was this the best feel good story ever? Thought so. Anyone else imagine Mr Jordan stuffing a couple of pillows into his care home bed?).

The same bed of granite, the same astonished Kicheche ‘private’ viewing guests ….. rooted to the spots.
Good as Gold, Mara Camp picks up huge accolade: click   



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