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Archive for October, 2013

  • Dawn till Tusk

    However much people throw the ‘making your own luck’ platitude around; you still need a decent bit of time to…

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  • Air time

    morning show host and journalist Jon Holmes was in Bush Camp last week, he is guest writer on Spot of the Week.…

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  • Spotified

    Unless you have had your head deep in the sand this last week, you cannot have missed the remarkable Spot…

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  • Protective wildebeest mother leaves leopard licking wounds….Daily Mail 02 Oct ’13

    Mother’s courage: The moment a protective wildebeest mum left leopard licking its wounds after attacking her calf Jaw-dropping shots were…

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  • The One that got away..

    Martin and Kathy, you have just turned the legions of ‘Spotters’ collectively green. What is more this was your first…

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