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Archive for March, 2013

  • “Some part of my soul that had never been touched before has been opened”

    I don’t know how to express or comment on an experience that has been life changing.  I think it is…

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  • The harder they fall

    On Tuesday night only the fiercest class ‘A’ drugs would have guaranteed anything like sleep as an extended shattering, rumbling…

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  • Dear Bush Camp, (without prejudice)

      Mating leopards Mara North Conservancy Kicheche Mara Camp Mara North Conservancy Masai Mara March 21, 2013 Dear Bush Camp,…

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  • Priceless…in any denomination

    The heads crane to see the new arrival, the one many have discussed after the last one’s retreat to obscurity.…

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  • Hog heaven

      Laikipia doesn’t bother entering the tribal Spot showdown till the bar is at a stratospheric level, then like London…

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