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Archive for February, 2013

  • Have a dog’s chance

    “What’s our chances of seeing these painted wolves we keep reading about?” a fresh-faced couple asked Andy as they gasped…

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  • Trunk Call

    For the first time in thirteen years Kicheche feels compelled to issue a plea about the senseless and insidious slaughter…

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  • St Valentines Day Massacre

    Were you expecting an anthropomorphic piece of wildlife schmaltz today? Think again. Lions brook no nonsense with that romantic piffle,…

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  • ‘We’re currently living in Paris, & you’d struggle to find a restaurant with food as good as that at Kicheche Laikipia. I’m not exaggerating’

    Kicheche Laikipia provided wonderful memories. On our first full day we were fortunate enough to see a mother cheetah and…

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  • In a tight spot

    One saltlick, three leopards, one guide very handy with his camera, two jackals and a troop of baboons; use whatever…

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