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Archive for September, 2012

  • Wild dog chasing Jackal

    Hot Dogs

    For years we hear little of canins save a few apocryphal tales of distant dens and equally distant dogs. These…

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  • Bush Telegraph Sep 2012

    KICHECHE FANS IN THE PINK Our conservancies have been inundated by the migrating masses. Click here to view the spectacular wildlife viewing…

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  • Six Appeal

    Dear Kicheche Mara, Bush & Valley Camps, Last week’s Spotted edition interested me no end. Certainly a cheetah with anycubs…

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  • Cubriolet

    Two years ago a slender cheetah slipped across from the Serengeti and entered Kenya. No passport, no visa, no spot…

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  • Feeling green

    A powerful precipitation percussion drummed the Mara last week. Trickles are now torrents, gullies gorges and culverts and creeks are…

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  • Lion, cheetah and serval families in the Masai Mara 7 Sep 12

     picture gallery ( click here) features not one, not two, but three sets of cubs. Caught on camera by Kicheche…

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